Pinnacle Technologies realizes your website is the reflection of your physical business to the online world. This visual communication tool promotes your business and provides 24/7/365 accessibility for your potential clients to access information about who you are and what you do.

Our goal is to create a visually appealing and easy to use web site that showcases your company's unique image. Pinnacle's mix of technical and artistic capabilities allow us to combine disciplines to provide a wide array of solutions. There shouldn't have to be a choice between a website that works well or one that looks great. Your business deserves one that provides both.

We provide these solutions at an exceptional value, with a focus on customer service that keeps our clients coming back time and again.

We realize that your reputation and identity rests not only on the quality of the goods or services that you offer, but on how the public perceives your business. The impression is immediate. A exceptional site provides content clearly and effortlessly through a well thought out interface. The site should allow your business to be available to your customers, providing the atmosphere and service that any visitor would expect if they were meeting you or your employees in person.

Designing intelligently is about researching, defining, and taking the necessary steps to ensure the site fits and performs successfully. With each step , we explore what it means for you, your business, your budget, your current and prospective customers. We review this data to ensure that the final product meets our high standards.

Design Process

A successful website relies on much more than a product that is visually appealing. At Pinnacle, our methodology blends business goals with the best that design has to offer. A careful analysis and a well planned strategy is critical to the delivery of a successful product.

We have 3 phases within a design project:

Implementation and Deployment

The first phase in your project is the Planning phase. During this phase we will get to know you and your business and we will need to determine the following:

What are your goals for this project?
What are the messages you are trying to get across?
Who is your target audience?

Once we achieve a thorough understanding of the above, we will make recommendations on how best to achieve your objectives.

Phase two is Conceptualization, in which we take the goals you've provided and develop a concept for your review. This will define the look and feel for your site, and determine the architecture by developing a concept page and a detailed site map. After we have modified the concept based on your feedback, we are ready to move to the next phase.

The third phase of your project is the Implementation and Deployment Phase. With the agreed to design in hand, we are ready to create your site. This phase consists of the following:

Development of the structure for proper site navigation
Setting up all pages with content and graphics
Creation of special requirements, including Flash, eCommerce, multimedia, etc...

Once this phase is completed, we will go through the site making sure that everything works as designed. After we receive final approval from you, we will take your site live and submit it to the appropriate search engines.

Occasionally a site that has been effective in the past may lose its ability to continually offer itself as a valuable resource to your customers. Sometimes a web site only needs a new look, aesthetic redesign or an update to the content to reinvigorate an out of date site. Very often, you do not need to initiate a whole new design from scratch, but transform the current one into a more effective and professional site that meets your needs and presents your products and services in an visually appealing format.

Does your website need a redesign?

Here are a few queries to ask yourself when reviewing your website:

Is the site visually appealing vs. drab and antiquated?
Is your content accurate and informative vs. being out of date?
Is it user friendly and easy to navigate?
Does it create a professional and modern image?

If "no" was an answer to any of these questions, then a site redesign could benefit you. If your website is not expressing your current online vision, Pinnacle will add the elements to maximize it's appeal.

Considering the Internet has become the place consumers go to gather information on a company and its products or services, a website redesign could be beneficial.

Your website's peak performance relies on stable and secure hosting, combined with solid technical support. Web hosting companies are not all created equal. It might be easy to think this is an area where you can cut costs, but it is even easier to discover that you don't have the level of service or support required. The selection of the hosting provider should reflect the amount of effort that goes into the website design process.

Pinnacle Technologies can provide you with a solid hosting service for your new or existing website. Pinnacle manages the relationship with the hosting company providing you technical and administrative support.

As your provider for hosting services, we manage the relationship with the hosting company providing you technical and administrative support for your site with our selected hosting provider. Additionally, we manage the sites usage so that you have the appropriate levels of server space and data transfer.

The following are some of the other services we provide:

E-Commerce   l E-Mail List Management  l Hosting Management


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